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About Authentic Psychics Network

We wanted to build a better psychic phone network. To do this we sought out Lori Karras, a master psychic with 20 years of professional experience to be our Psychic Manager. Lori would (and does) find and evaluate psychics and mystical talent worthy of being part of our network.

Next, we wanted state-of-the-art telephone technology, live support and a company to handle billing that we would trust with our own personal data and billing information. We chose having psychics provide reading via phone rather than online chat (although we may add online chat in the future). Talking with a psychic reader, live, is so much more intimate and personal and (in our opinion) allows for a better reading. With voice communication so much more is communicated than just words.

We are now teamed with (Psychics Directory Network) who is powered by Esotv USA LLC. ESOtv (who handles billing and provides specialized software for special phone features) has been providing quality support in the psychic field for years. All psychics at our site and are screened by Lori, so if you happen to wander into, or whenever you call, you can rest assured ALL the psychics, tarot readers, astrologers and so forth have been screened. We feel we now provide extremely secure, reliable, phone communication, billing and support to make our services top quality.

Having top of line technology and support in place allows the psychics, tarot readers, astrologers and other divination specialists to focus on what they do best: Giving clients the attention and answers they are seeking.

Lastly, we wanted to provide clients with various options on how they wanted to reach psychics, evaluated psychics and billing options. We wanted people to have the ease of calling a 1800 number. We also wanted to offer clients the opportunity of reduced fees when contacting their favorite readers.

Although there is nothing particularly novel about contacting psychics via an 800 number, there is a lot behind the sceens that takes place to ensure that the experience for the client is both safe and enjoyable. That goes from the choice of the psychics available to the billing to the phone support staff. To this end, we are continually working to make things better.

We look forward to working with you and our psychics look forward to providing the readings, advice and insights you deserve.

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* All readings with any psychic is only $4.99 per minute. No connection fees; no time limits; live phone support available.

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