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About Our Old Phone Number

Yes ... we have a new phone number and billing method ... here is what you need to know ...

If you have visited here previously, or more importantly, if you have been ordering psychic services through our old phone number, then you likely are wondering what is going on. Well, we changed our phone number, but not to worry:

- If you ordered on our old phone number:
then you can still call and speak to our psychics on those numbers. We will be shifting those numbers over to Old Phone Number.

- If you purchased credits or time to talk to psychics on the OLD phone numbers, then please call the old phone numbers to finish up your time or credits. HOWEVER, you cannot call our new number to use those credits.

Why? Unfortunately, we are stuck between two different billing systems. We're very sorry about this, but you have not lost anything. Just finish up your credits and order on the new number (or use our new online ordering method).

- ALL our (and your) favorite psychics, tarot readers, astrologers are still available on EITHER phone number. We really are trying to make this easy for everyone and as painless as possible.

- We deeply appreciate all our clients and callers and hope this will not be too big and inconvenience for any of you. We thank you for your understanding and hope to hear from you soon on our new 1800 number.

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